Scientometrics helps learning?

Jinshan Wu

The Institute of Educational Systems Science

School of Systems Science

Beijign Normal University

The 3rd International Conference on Data-driven Knowledge Discovery (CDKD2021)

Presentation goals

  • Share some progresses on merging scientometrics and teaching/learning
    • concept networks from textbooks and papers
    • usage frequency from papers
    • algorithms for learning orders and tests
  • Inspire your critical input


  • Motivation
  • Network of Chinese characters and algorithms for teaching/learning
  • Concepts network of physics and some prelimenary results
  • Concepts Network of scientometrics
  • The author-paper-concept network of scientometrics
  • Call for collaborations


  • Research can be seen as evolution of concept network and we scientometricians, in principle, know a lot about it
  • How this network and its evolution can help the development of science
    • as a researcher
    • as a research administrator/policy makers
    • as a student/teacher
  • To make scientometrics relevant to researchers, research administrators, students and teachers

Network of Chinese characters


An algorithm for learning order

  • Matrix $a^{i}_{j}=1$, $i$ is used in $j$, from the network (knowledge base)
  • Vector $W$ represents usage frequency
  • Vector $\tilde{W}$ the learning order \begin{equation} \tilde{W}= \left(1-A\right)^{-1}W= W + AW+A^{2}W+A^{3}W + \cdots \end{equation}
  • integrates usage frequency and structural role of each concept in the network

An algorithm for tests

  • probability graph model, (not) knowing ($i$)$j$ means very likely also (not) knowing ($j$)$i$ when $a^{i}_{j}=1$
  • combined with the above to form personalized learning orders
  • more efficient than random sampling

Results on learning orders


Summary on network of Chinese characters

  • A concept network
  • A vector of usage frequency
  • Algorithms for learning orders and tests
  • Currently working on experimental tests
  • Can this be extended to other fields and how?

Other fields

  • English words
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Scientometrics

Concept network of Quantum Mechanics


Learning Quantum Mechanics


Concept network of scientometrics


Concept network of scientometrics


The 3-layer network for scientometrics


Nodes and connections

  • The concept layer: concepts, logically connected
  • The paper layer: papers, connected by citations
  • The author layer: Authos, connected as mentor-mentee
  • Intralayers: author-writes-paper, paper-works on (makes use of)-concept

What can this 3-layer network framework offer?

  • As a unified scientometrical data descriptor
  • As a platform for asking and answering scientometrical questions
    • science map
    • research activities
    • evaluations
    • teaching and learning

Call for collaborations

  • The concept network of scientometrics by and for the research community
  • Even the concept network of each discipline by scientometricians and for researchers in the discipline
  • Making scientometrics to be a fundamental tool for researchers and students/teachers of each discipline

Question time

  • Thank you for your attention
  • Take-home: via the author-paper-concept network for scientometrics and the algrithms over the network, scientometrics can help researcher, research adminstrator, students and teachers
  • Let’s make it happen all together

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